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  • zone: optional, comma-separated list of zones the content should be added to, special zones are body and head, defaults to head
  • tag: optional, identificator for the material to be added, to be used in requires
  • requires: comma-separated list of tags that must occur before the current material, constraints the order of all material in a zone
  • text: optional, text to be added to the named zone, mutually exclusive with topic
  • topic: optional, full qualified web-topic name that contains the text to be added, mutually exclusive with text
  • section: optional, section of the topic to be added, defaults to the default section between STARTINCLUDE and STOPINCLUDE

Note, that using topic and section is actually a short form of

   text="$percntINCLUDE{\"topic\" section=\"section\" warn=\"off\"}$percnt"

See also VarRENDERZONE spacer

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