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%RENDERZONE{"zone" ...}%

  • zone: required, name of the zone to be expanded
  • header: optional, prefix format string
  • format: optional, format string for each item added to the zone, defaults to $item, any standard escapes like $percnt, $dollar etc can be used to delay evaluation order of the format parameter
  • chomp: removed leading and trailing whitespace in formatted items, useful to pretty-print them one per line
  • footer: optional, suffix format string
  • separator: optional, put between each item of a zone

Note, that you can create as many zones as you like. The plugin does not restrict you to use it only for body and head. Interesting use cases in wiki applications:

  • create a sidebar zone to add widgets
  • create a toolbar zone to add buttons icons

See also VarADDTOZONE spacer

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