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PatternSkinCssCookbook Recipe: Center the page with a border

This recipe shows how to put a border around the page, while centering the page horizontally. The example on this page uses a gradient image as background - on top of a gray base color. You can choose to set no image of course.

This line loads the extra style definition:
   * Set USERSTYLEURL = %PUBURLPATH%/%SYSTEMWEB%/PatternSkinCssCookbookCenterPageBorder/centerpageborder.css
You can write this line in DefaultPreferences, in SitePreferences, in WebPreferences, in your user topic or on a single page.

Add the dynamic link to the logo image to the topic text:

<style type="text/css" media="all">
#patternScreen {
#patternPageShadow {
info If you don't write this overloading style in a template and use an external .css file, you need to set the image to the absolute url:
<style type="text/css" media="all">
#patternScreen {
You can always write a <style> in a topic - all current browsers support this - but the page won't validate as valid XHTML.

css to frame the page centered on the screen
version 1 uploaded by ProjectContributor on 14 Oct 2005 - 22:55
background image
version 1 uploaded by ProjectContributor on 07 Mar 2006 - 23:43
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