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Form Definition for PDF Classification

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Name: Type: Size: Values: Tooltip message:
  label   Describe the Security sensitivity of this document For example:
  • CompanyConfidential - Internal use only
  • GeneralAvailability - Acceptable for general distribution
  • CustomerProprietary - Confidential document of an external customer
DocumentClassification? select+multi 5 ,CompanyConfidential, GeneralAvailabilty?, CustomerProprietary? Classify the package
  label   Describe the type of document  
DocumentType? Select+multi 5 ,HowTo, General, FAQ, Documentation Identify the type of document
  label   A simple description of the document  
TopicHeadline? text 60   This becomes the PDF "Subject" field.
  label   KeyWords that identify the document  
KeyWords? text 60   These keywords will be assigned to the PDF.
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