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Access Control

General information about Wiki Access Control can be found at AccessControl

The default access control of the C2SM Wiki

  • Most of the C2SM Wiki can be viewed without login.
  • Wiki pages can only be edited by users that are logged in.

How to change the default access control rules

ALERT! IMPORTANT: Use for the following Set statements inside a bullet list. Don't forget the three spaces before the asterisk!

Restrict viewing a topic

  • To restrict viewing a topic only to users that are logged in, write the following on your Wiki page:
       * Set DENYTOPICVIEW = Main.WikiGuest

  • To restrict viewing a topic only to your group members
       * Set ALLOWTOPICVIEW = Main.GroupnameGroup
    For example:
       * Set ALLOWTOPICVIEW = Main.MeteoSwissGroup

  • To restrict viewing to a group of people:
       * Set ALLOWTOPICVIEW = Main.WikiUser1, Main.WikiUser2, Main.WikiUser3
    ALERT! Please note that the list has to be separated with commas and one space is needed after the comma! A complete list of all Wiki users can be found here: WikiUsers

  • To make a topic visible (and editable) only for you:
       * Set ALLOWTOPICVIEW = Main.YourWikiname

Restrict editing a topic

  • TIP Please note that users which can not view a page, can also not edit a page

  • Use ALLOWTOPICCHANGE to restrict editing a topic, for example:
       * Set ALLOWTOPICCHANGE = Main.YourWikiname
       * Set ALLOWTOPICCHANGE = Main.MeteoSwissGroup

Wiki Groups

  • An overview of the wiki groups can be found here: WikiGroups
  • New groups can also be created here: WikiGroups
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