Proposed analyses

Volounteer Analysis/Topic Key variablesSorted ascending
G. Krinner (CNRS), C. Derksen (ECCC) Snow in Land-Hist and Land-Future snc, snd, snw
Sonia & colleagues (ETH) Soil moisture effects on climate extremes TBD
Sonia & colleagues (ETH) Soil moisture effects on land carbon exchanges TBD
Frederique Chéruy (IPSL) LFMIP-Pobs TBD
Hyungjun & colleagues (UTokyo) Long-term EWC balance / changes (land-hist & land-future) TBD
Hyungjun & colleagues (UTokyo) Land model benchmarking (Land-hist) TBD
Andrea Alessandri, Franco Catalano & colleagues (ENEA/KNMI) Albedo effects, dynamic vegetation TBD

Please indicate your interest in participating in proposed analyses (please contact relevant analysis coordinators) or propose new ones (contact LS3MIP? coordinators Sonia, Hyungjun and Gerhard).