Proposed analyses

VolounteerSorted ascending Analysis/Topic Key variables
Andrea Alessandri, Franco Catalano & colleagues (ENEA/KNMI) Albedo effects, dynamic vegetation TBD
Frederique Chéruy (IPSL) LFMIP-Pobs TBD
G. Krinner (CNRS), C. Derksen (ECCC) Snow in Land-Hist and Land-Future snc, snd, snw
Hyungjun & colleagues (UTokyo) Long-term EWC balance / changes (land-hist & land-future) TBD
Hyungjun & colleagues (UTokyo) Land model benchmarking (Land-hist) TBD
Sonia & colleagues (ETH) Soil moisture effects on climate extremes TBD
Sonia & colleagues (ETH) Soil moisture effects on land carbon exchanges TBD

Please indicate your interest in participating in proposed analyses (please contact relevant analysis coordinators) or propose new ones (contact LS3MIP? coordinators Sonia, Hyungjun and Gerhard).