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Welcome to the WEW-COSMO Wiki

The WEW-COSMO project is a collaboration between C2SM and MeteoSwiss.

The project aims at further developing the COSMO and ICON models and adapting their codes for application on new high performance computers with hybrid architectures. The ultimate goal is to run high-resolution simulations in short times, e.g. for the purpose of operational weather forecasting at MeteoSwiss. With WEW-COSMO, C2SM continues its tradition to contribute to improving high-resolution weather and climate simulations in the Alpine region. In addition, implementation of new and/or improved modules into the codes will further improve the quality of weather forecasts and climate model simulations.

More information on the project is available at the C2SM WEW-COSMO research page.

Steering Board Members:

  • Philippe Steiner, MeteoSwiss (PI)
  • Marco Arpagaus, MeteoSwiss
  • Carlos Osuna, MeteoSwiss
  • Christoph Schär, ETH Zurich
  • Christina Schnadt Poberaj, ETH Zurich/C2SM
  • Heini Wernli, ETH Zurich

Link to Projektausschuss Page

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WEW-COSMO Management:

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