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Working Group 4 - Integration Environment and Impacts

This working group focuses on providing climate data for impacts research. Tasks can be, for example, standardizing and documenting climate model output or climate observations for easier use. We also provide support in how to use this kind of data as a regular support.

Group Members

  • Ruth Lorenz


  • Meeting Working group day March 2021
  • Meeting Working group day June 2021
  • Meeting about synergies and needs, 13th Septemeber 2021


Useful Datasets

Archive Size (#Files) Location Access Status Variables Resolution
"Raw" CMIP Archives (as downloaded from ESGF)
 CMIP2 0.01 TB (500)  IAC direct / rsync frozen (2010-10)   native (1)
CMIP3 6 TB (40’000) IAC direct / rsync frozen (2016-12)   native
CMIP5 130 TB (700’000) IAC direct / rsync monthly updated   native
CMIP6 400 TB (4’000’000) IAC, Euler direct / rsync daily updated   native
CMIP next generation (checked, standardized, regridded to common grid)
CMIP3-ng (2) 0.5 TB (5’000) IAC direct / rsync frozen (2019-03)   native and 2.5°x2.5°
CMIP5-ng (2) 33 TB (100’000) IAC direct / rsync frozen (2019-09)   native and 2.5°x2.5°
CMIP6-ng (2) 95 TB (400’000) IAC, Euler direct / rsync ongoing monthly: co2mass, hfls, mrro, npp, rlds, rsdscs, rtmt, tasmin, tsl, evspsbl, hfss, mrros, pr, rldscs, rsdt, sftlf, tauu, zg500, evspsblsoi, hurs, mrso prw, rlus, rsus, siconc, tauv, evspsblveg, huss, mrsol, psl, rlut, rsuscs, ta, tos, areacella, gpp, lai, mrsos, ra, rlutcs, rsut, tas, tran, clt, hfds, nbp, rh, rsds, rsutcs, tasmax, treeFrac native and 2.5°x2.5°
daily: pr, tas, tasmin, tasmax, zg500 native and 2.5°x2.5°
"Raw" CORDEX (as downloaded)
CORDEX  360 TB (800’000)  IAC, Euler, CSCS direct / rsync weekly updated   0.44° and 0.11°
CORDEX-ReKliEs 23 TB (100’000) IAC, Euler direct weekly updated   0.11°
CORDEX data for climate scenarios (checked, regridded to identical grids if necessary)
CORDEX.ch2018 11 TB (1’800) IAC, CSCS direct frozen (2019-04) daily: hurs, huss, pr, rsds, sfcWind, sfcWindmax, snw, tas, tasmax, tasmin 0.44° and 0.11°
CORDEX.ch202X 46 TB (3’500) IAC direct ongoing daily: pr, tas, tasmax, tasmin, zg500 0.44° and 0.11°

(1) native means every model on their native grid they were run on

(2) CMIP-ng: Next Generation archives are maintained by Reto's group (Jan Sedlacek/Lukas Brunner) Ruth Lorenz / C2SM will take over in 2022. contact: cmip6-archive@env.ethz.ch, documentation: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.3734128 spacer

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