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Task Working Group 4 2021

Monthly status update information on WG 4 planned tasks

as planned, delayed, technical problems, other problems

Task Estimated duration (months) Short description Started Status after 1 month Status after 2 months assigned staff
meeting on synergies and needs 0.5 plan and have meeting with the impacts community to establish most important needs yes summer holiday period Meeting planned, held 13th September Ruth Lorenz

Suggested tasks for 21/22

The detailed tasks list provides more information about some of the submitted tasks.

Task Estimated duration requested by group description Prioritization by core team
Climada on Euler 2 weeks? D. Bresch Provide CLIMADA release für C2SM? Community (e.g. on Euler), get to know CLIMADA, liaise with Chahan Kropf (PostDoc? @DavidBresch), Emanuel Schmid (ETH SIS-IT) A
Prepare input data for impact models on weather timescale X weeks M. Liniger (D. Domeisen, D. Bresch) remove systematic and conditional biases from numerical weather data (reanalysis, forecasts from ECMWF, COSMO or ICON) to provide impact modelers time series and spatial fields of the necessary temporal and spatial resolution that fit seamlessly with observations B (depends on above)
3D-Visualization for Glacier Lakes up to 1 week D. Farinotti three-dimensional, time-dependent visualization of simulations that aims at predicting where and when future Alpine lakes will form due to glacier retreat suspend in case Tarun at SIS-ETH cannot do it
Data Access for Impacts X weeks B. Stocker Standardized spatial-temporal data cubes for Switzerland and local (Punkt) timeseries e.g from CMIP outputs (or tools to extract those without download of high resolution spatial data) A
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