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Task Working Group 3 2021

Monthly status update information on WG 3 planned tasks

as planned, delayed, technical problems, other problems

Suggested tasks for 21/22

Task Estimated duration requested by group description Prioritization by core team
 Update CORDEX archive for CH202X - -   A (to be finished when last runs have been submitted)
 Evaluation of new EURO-CORDEX runs 2 months -   A (started)
 Set up process chain 2 weeks - Set up process chain from data to plots and automize where possible  
Set up ICON-LAM in CORDEX setup     Develop concept for CMIP6 downscaling and decide which model to use, establish contact to COSMO-CLM/ICON community, climate test simulation ERA-5 driven, and at some point CMIP6 driven A
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