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RCM Tasks Matthieu Leclair

Monthly status update information on RCM planned tasks

as planned, delayed, technical problems, other problems

EP : Environmental Physics, Nicolas Gruber
HyMet : Climate and Water Cycle, Christoph Schär
LandCLim : Land-Climate Dynamics, Sonia Seneviratne


Task Estimated duration (months) Group(s) Short description Started Status as of October 2020
Momentum coupling ~2 EP, LandClim update (resp. start writing) the momentum coupling algorithm from the land (resp. ocean) to the atmosphere not yet most probably delayed until beginning of 2021
Update coupled COSMOs ~1.5 EP, LandClim move both groups to cosmo-org yes Coupling with CLM implemented and compiled, needs testing now. Coupling with ROMS just started
Standardize OASIS coupling interface ~1.5 EP, LandClim Port the so-called "unified oasis interface" to cosmo-org => maintain only one coupled cosmo version for all couplings

same work planed in Offenbach (without GPUs) seems to be canceled
yes Interface is now more modular. Main missing parts are the block structure of exchanged fields and the exchange/handling of fields to and from ROMS
Regular support ~1        

Regular support provided:

Short description problem Group(s) Duration (days) Status
MPI segfault when running cosmo-pompa with PGI LandClim ? gave up => moving to cosmo-org which was anyways made necessary by the Daint system upgrade (pompa-pgi broken)
MAster the spack building tool all ? build scripts are now decommissioned, we need to build cosmo (and int2lm but less of a problem) with spack. It might involve that CLM and ROMS also need to be built this way. At least we need to get to master how to compile with spack in a development/debug workflow, not only producing one module for production
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