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RCM Tasks Katherine Osterried

Monthly status update information on RCM planned tasks
Status: as planned, delayed, technical problems, other problems
Group acronyms: EMPA, UL (Ulrike Lohmann), MCH (ORGANIZATION.ORGMeteoSwiss), SeS (Sebastian Schemm), CS (Christoph Schär), HW (Heini Wernli)


Task Estimated duration (months) Group(s) Started Status after 1 month Short description Status after 2 months Short description Actual estimated time to completion (months)
Port ICON features to GPU 2 MCH 20/02/2020 As planned   Completed Merged back into ICON main repository  
Supervision intern Extpar 0.5   01/01/2020 As planned   As planned Completed with all goals achieved (thanks Jonas!)  
Running COSMO on Euler <1 week UL 25/02/2020 Completed        
Methods for reducing data size 2 CS 04/01/2021 n/a n/a n/a n/a 2
Port online trajectory model to GPU 2 SeS, HW 01/05/2020 Completed   Tested in latest version of COSMO    
Update COSMO-GHG 2 EMPA Completed by EMPA n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
COSMO-iso debugging 1 HW No longer needed n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Jenkins testing on Daint <1 week MCH 01/01/2020 technical delays Need to resolve PGI bug before proceeding technical delays Completed  
Extpar source code administration 0.5 COSMO Consortium Regular task          
Regular support 1 All RCM groups Regular task          

Regular support provided:

Short description problem Group(s) Duration (days) Status
Restarts for COSMO-ART-M7 UL 1 Completed
COSMO-POMPA crash on Daint SS 0.5 Completed
Int2lm crash on Daint UL 0.5 In progress
COSMO-ORG won't run on GPUS on Daint HW 0.5 In progress

Extpar support provided:

Short description problem Group(s) Duration (days) Status
Running Extpar on Daint CS   Completed
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