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RCM Tasks Jonas Jucker

Monthly status update information on RCM planned tasks

as planned, delayed, technical problems, other problems


Task Estimated duration (months) Short description Started Status after 1 month Status after 2 months
Container 4 Cosmo-Pompa ~2 Investigate the potential of containers for Cosmo-Pompa begin august CSCS built containers for crClim branch with bit-id results completed
Organize Spack Info-Session 0.1 Organise an info session for users of Cosmo-related software session took place with around 20 participants completed n/a
lradtopo for Icon ~2 enable to topographic correction for radiation in Extpar for Icon grids end August horizon ready, discussions about skyview completed
Investigate container for COSMO-ORG ~2.5 put COSMO_ORG into container Mid-September COSMO-ORG runs technically CPU fully valid, GPU partially valid, Report written -> completed for now
Restructure C2SM-wiki 0.3 Adapt C2SM-wiki structure to new C2SM structure mid-february as planned completed
Organize SOCOL 0.5 see proposal of Andreas Stenke not started as planned take over to nexr year
Introduce Michael to C2SM-ICON 0.5 show Michael relevant pieces of work prior done by Jonas not started as planned completed
Prepare Git-Workshop excercises 0.2 excercises needed for beginner/advanced course (due mid-april) mid-february as planned completed
Spack-Admin for C2SM 1 put Icontools and maybe Extpar into Spack as an excercise, have meetings with Xavier/Elsa to get more involved with Spack mid-february completed completed
Extpar Spring Release 1 day review new developments from DWD/MPIM not started as planned completed
Install Kimai 2 days install Kimai on IAC webserver Urs installed all prerequisites completed externally hosted

Possible tasks until WG-meetings

Task Estimated duration (months) Short description Started Status after 1 month Status after 2 months
Prefetch I/O for NetCDF in COSMO 2-3 implement prefetching of boundary conditions for High-Res simulations not started    
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