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Tasks from Third-Party Projects

As outlined in C2SM's business plan for 2021-​25, the Executive Office also considerably relies on funding by third-​party projects. Thus, we are happy to contribute to our members' research projects (e.g., SNF, EU, ETH) in our expert areas.

Third-​party projects with benefit for several C2SM groups

These may by projects by individual C2SM members as PI potentially together with other Co-​PIS from the community which fund individual tasks by core team programmers. The projects will be supported especially if the results will have a benefit for several C2SM groups.

Third-​party projects with benefit for the PI only

A member can also suggest a task/tasks to be funded from their project, but for which the benefit is limited to their group. These suggestions will be realised if there is capacity from C2SM. However, they have a lower priority versus those projects with a larger benefit for the community.

Task portfolio

The contributions by the core team consist of technical model development and support tasks to a large extent. Individual tasks may also consist of setting up and hosting a project website, or organising individual workshops or seminar series.

Procedure for proposing involvement in a third-​party project

  • The project PI contacts C2SM's Executive Director (ED) already in the proposal stage by sending a written proposal analogous to the task proposals for tasks from groups;
  • The ED together with an assigned responsible core team staff, feedbacks to the PI and potentially re-​iterates the proposal;
  • If the proposal fufils the above conditions, C2SM will assume it will be accepted and reserve time for its execution in the following year;
  • We will reserve approximately 3-7 person months (0.3-0.6 FTEs) on tasks from third-​party projects per year.
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