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  1. One to two months before the annual Working Group Day, which will typically take place in the beginning of a year, C2SM issues an email requesting task proposals from the groups;
  2. Groups should send their task proposals back via email to request@c2sm.ethz.ch containing a description and objectives of the tasks, an estimate of the time needed, and indicating a contact person. If groups request several tasks, they should order them according to their priority, and also describe the benefit for C2SM. Tasks with larger benefit for several C2SM groups may be given priority in the priorization procedure. Groups can also jointly suggest tasks with several groups;
  3. The core team will evaluate the suggestions and may feedback/raise questions/re-​iterate the proposals with the groups;
  4. Before the Working Group Day, the core team will prioritize and merge the proposals. Time will be reserved for submitted third-​party and community project proposals assuming they will be funded. For details, see respective sections;
  5. The merged task lists will be provided to the groups before the WG Day for review;
  6. The task lists will be discussed/modified and agreed upon at the WG Day joint meeting.
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