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Tasks from Community Projects

Tasks are also taken from C2SM Community projects.

These are large, perennial, and joint research and/or development projects of at least three C2SM groups and two different partner institutions and a substantial financial volume. Their overarching goal supports the implementation of one or more of the four pillars of C2SM. The project creates results that an individual group alone would not have been able to create. Their results benefit a large majority of C2SM members. These projects are significantly supported by C2SM core funding in terms of inkind commitment of core staff.

Procedure for task assignment from Community projects

  • The C2SM Steering Committee discusses and recommends C2SM's involvement in a Community project already in the proposal stage. This includes a suggestion on the approximate amount of FTEs to be reserved for the project;
  • The ED passes the information on to the core team, and together with responsible programmers evaluates the feasibility of the plans considering all other ongoing activities and plans;
  • The ED passes the information back to the Steering Committee;
  • The Steering Committee approves the plans and time allotted for the Community project;
  • The C2SM core team reserves the FTEs assuming the project will be funded;
  • Not later than at the project start, the project Steering Group develops and phrases how they envision the core team's involvement and sets up specific tasks. The tasks are submitted as a proposal to the C2SM ED and involved programmers;
  • The ED and the responsible programmer(s) evaluate the tasks, feedback/clarify, and finally pass their suggestion on to the C2SM SC;
  • The task list is approved by the SC;
  • The task assignment from Community projects is repeated regularly, at a half-​annual or annual interval, ideally 1-2 months before the annual Working Group Day.

Current projects

  • Planned: Next generation Swiss climate scenarios CH202X
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