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C2SM-RCM GitHUb organization

COSMO, COSMO-CLM, Int2lm, and other COSMO related codes are hosted by C2SM as git repositories at https://github.com/C2SM-RCM.

In order to get access to the codes, users must first complete the C2SM Agreement on the acceptable use of Informatics Resources form and send it and their Github username to: Katie Osterried

After this, they will be given access to the C2SM-RCM organization on Github.

The C2SM-RCM organization contains several git repositories, including:

  • cosmo-1 - This contains the official COSMO code including necessary files to compile and run on CSCS machines.
  • cclm - This contains the official COSMO-CLM code with additional build files to run on CSCS machines
  • cclm-vendor - This contains the official COSMO code releases exactly as they come from the COSMO-CLM community
  • cosmo-pompa - This contains the old GPU capable version of the COSMO code developed by ETH and MeteoSwiss

More information about using git and Github is found here. spacer

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