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Group meeting November 25th, 2021

  • Send email to technical programmers about Spack
  • Talk to Xavier about task: LPI port or turbulence
  • ICON meeting: Collect one slide per group for future ICON meetings to make introductory part shorter. Think about only having people present something when they have some news or significant changes to report about
  • Start working on ICON LAM CORDEX setup

Group meeting October 14th, 2021

  • Preparing new ICON version 2.6.4
  • ICON can now be run on Euler 7 with multi-node support
  • finishing Benchmark task by end of week --> successfully benchmarked high-res ICON gpu runs with up to 2000 nodes
  • continues with ICON-ART processing chain
  • found cause of logfile bug in ICON, created issue at DKRZ, will be documented in internal in overleaf-file

Extraordinary Group meeting September 6th, 2021

Discussion on EXCLAIM User Support
  • Anurag: he learnt that the way of interaction between C2SM and CSCS needs to be improved when somebody reports a bug (ticketing system). C2SM: collaboration has improved a lot: for a while already,there are now dedicated people at CSCS responsible for answering tickets from weather and climate modelling. In addition, since 2021, we learn from CSCS about a month prior to a system (hardware/software) upgrade via Will Sawyer. We then test COSMO and ICON on dom, the partition at which the upgrades are installed beforehand and identify any issues before the actual upgrade. This has been working very well so far.
  • Testing and building done by C2SM in a regular fashion. We use Jenkins for regular testing. The testing infrastructure in ICON is done with buildbot, but it is not very good. At C2SM, we mimic buildbot with our own scripts using Jenkins, we only do limited testing. Maybe the complete set of testing done within ICON (buildbot) could be integrated into Jenkins.

Tasks within EXCLAIM that could potentially be done or contributed to by the core team:

  • Provision of intermediateinternal releases of ICON-EXCLAIM (ICON-E): C2SM to provide a copy of ICON-E to EXCLAIM PIs and users
  • Testing systems will be different. It will be more component like, we want it more automated and more for individual components. MeteoSwiss? uses serialbox to do this. Unit testing done when porting stuff to GPU.

Group meeting August 19th, 2021

  • Tina @ upcoming summer school (28 August - 3 September)
  • Preparation of Klimarunde in good shape (registration starts in September)


  • Optimizing turbulence and TERRA in ICON (GPU)
  • New release for Extpar
  • finished COSMO turbulence task
  • continues with Benchmark and ICON-ART (processing chain) tasks


  • created his first spack package (OASIS)
  • Generalizing data processing scripts
  • In contact with Andreas Fischer regarding Impacts Modeling
  • collecting information who needs ERA5 data

Action items

  • meets with Remo and Xavier next week
  • needs more work, could work more for Exclaim later on
Tina & Matthieu
  • Container Task Force: further TODOs have to be defined (discuss in next technical meeting)
  • Use Kimai for time tracking, will have session in September to look into work distribution

Group meeting August 5th, 2021

  • ICON meeting took place on July 29th, 2021 with 13 participants
  • next ICON meeting planned as physical meeting at ETH
  • New ICON release available at C2SM GitHub

Action items

  • Finishing COSMO Turbulence task
  • Next tasks: Benchmark for CSCS proposal, Processing Chain for ICON-ART
  • Testing new ICON release on Dom


  • Working on GPU port for Turbulence and Surface scheme in ICON


  • Automate processing chain regional climate runs
  • Optimizing region masks processing

Group meeting July 22th, 2021

  • Suggested dates python introductory course (online): 2 and 3 November, 9 am to 2 pm each
  • Suggested dates visualization in python course (online): 9-12 November, 9 am to 12 pm each

Group meeting June 24th, 2021


  • Joint Meeting: Tina
  • WG 1&2 Meeting: Michael
  • WG 3&4 Meeting: Ruth

Minutes WG Day:

  • Joint Meeting: Matthieu & Tina
  • WG 1&2 Meeting: Jonas & Matthieu
  • WG 3&4 Meeting: Michael & Ruth


  • Reminder group slides, DO
  • Aufgabenliste auf dem wiki an c2sm-wgday, DO

Group meeting June 10th, 2021

  • Coffee break with APN on 16 June. Separate meeting after coffee break.

Action items


  • Talk about tasks coming in for WG Day. Have a separate meeting after APN coffee break for WG Day discussion on 16 June.
  • Establish regular code reviews among the programmers: C2SM_Code_Review.pptx


  • Write email to ask for group contributions to WG meetings (16 June). Ask for PDFs.
  • Agenda out after SC meeting (until 16 June)

Matthieu, Michael, Jonas, Ruth

  • Send reminders for WG tasks to individual groups (/ topics WG4) after preparation meeting on 16 June (after the APN coffee break)

Group meeting May 27th, 2021

Action items


  • Notify GitHub workshop participants to shift 14 June advanced workshop into autumn. Tanja has participants list.
  • Meet tomorrow after CH202X meeting to organise future collaboration with Jan/Sven
  • Create texts/greetings/poems for poster for Katie over the weekend. Send to Tanja

Next meeting: 3 June 2021: technical meeting and preparation of WG Day

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