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Organization and Support

Working groups

C2SM is organized around different working groups. Below you find an overview about each working group:
  • WG 1 - High Performance Computing for Weather and Climate Modeling : activities which primarily focus on modern technologies.
  • WG 2 - Weather and Climate models development, usage, maintenance and support (excluding WG1 activities)
  • WG 3 - Next Generation Swiss Climate Scenarios
  • WG 4 - Impact Research

Tasks of the core team

The below pages contain information about the tasks of the core staff for the current and past periods and the status of these tasks.





Video presentation C2SM Core Team

  • Video March 2021 - Who‘s who in the core team, work mode, services and support, task assignment from groups and projects, web & wiki

Task assignment procedures

C2SM Executive Office takes tasks from C2SM member groups, third-party projects, and C2SM Community projects.
The terms and modalities, and the procedures to receive our support are described under the link below.

Regular Support

Regular support refers to the C2SM effort to ensure that all of the supported software are running correctly on the supported computing systems.
This includes hosting the software for easy distribution to members, regular testing of supported software, and helping to resolve issues members
have with running and compiling supported software. See below an overview of softwares C2SM supports:

How to get support from C2SM staff

  • If you encounter a problem, please send an email to support@c2sm.ethz.ch with your request
  • Your support task is assigned to a scientific programmer who will respond within two business days
  • The responsible programmer opens a GitHub issue in a C2SM hosted repository and tracks the issue resolution there



C2SM on GitHub

C2SM maintains different GitHub organizations to distribute code to the community. To have access to these organizations, please contact the respective administrator.

User access is managed via GitHub user groups. Each research group has a separate group that contains each of its members. The technical contact persons of each groups is responsible to keep the lists up-to-date.
Below the document of all group members with access C2SM GitHub organization:



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