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FirstName: Mel
LastName: Kunkel
OrganisationName: Idaho Power COmpany
OrganisationURL: https://www.idahopower.com/
Country: USA
InstantMessaging (IM):
Comment: Hello,
I am a researcher with the Boise Idaho (USA) based Idaho Power Company and would like to request permission to use the GPU based version of COSMO for research into mountainous winter time precipitation. Most of my research is completed in conjunction with a local university (Boise State University) on a research cluster (https://rcs.boisestate.edu/r2/) located on campus which Idaho Power purchased half of. This cluster contains some of the new dual Nvidia Tesla NVLink P100ís (3584 cores each) GPUs that I believe would work perfectly with the new COSMO GPU based platform.

Thank You for your consideration,
Mel Kunkel
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