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The DWD-ICON-Tools contain a set of routines which may be suitable for reading, remapping and writing of fields from and to predefined grids, e.g. regular (lat-lon, gaussian) or triangular (ICON). It can be used to genereta boundary and initial conditions for LAM-ICON simulations.


In order to get access to the DWD-ICON-Tools repository hosted on the C2SM-ICON GitHub organization, please write an e-mail to the administrator of DWD-ICON-Tools:


Once you have access, clone the repository the following:

  1. Clone the repository from github using the web protocol: (git clone https://github.com/C2SM-ICON/dwd_icon_tools.git) or the ssh protocol: (git clone git@github.com:C2SM-ICON/dwd_icon_tools.git). If you don't already have an ssh key set up for Github, but would like to do so, follow the instructions


The DWD-ICON-Tools are built using Spack. See the Spack Wiki for more information. The following configurations are regularly tested with the Icontools Jenkins-Plan:


  • @master%cce


  • @master%gcc


The folder C2SM_scripts contains a bunch of scripts to run iconremap and icongridgen on Piz Daint. Most likely you will use the Icon-Tools to generate a new grid or interpolate boundary conditions for limited-area Icon runs. Below is a recipe to create initial and boundary files for an ICON LAM run on Piz Daint. It is based on Bernhard's cases to create files based on ERA5 data.

Generate new Icon grid

1) restore Spack compile-environment in your terminal before running icongridgen.

2) run icongridgen

 ./icongridgen --nml gridgen.nml 

Interpolate BC from IFS

This manual refers to the workflow MeteoSwiss is currently using to run LAM-simulations.

1) Add fields FI and z from IFS-analysis to BC prior the intepolation using CDO (GRIB-only).

cdo -selname,FI analysis fi_file
cdo -selname,z analysis z_file
cdo settime,'03:00:00'  fi_file fi_file_time
cdo settime,'03:00:00'  z_file z_file_time
cdo setreftime,2019-09-30,03:00:00  z_file_time z_file_reftime
cat file_for_BC zfile_reftime fi_file_time > complete_file

2) restore Spack compile-environment in your terminal.

3) adapt scripts remap_ini and remap_lbc to your needs

4) remap IFS data for BC by

 sbatch remap_lbc 
Note that this contais an intermediate step in further reducing the icon gridfile using the binary iconsub.

5) remap IFS data for analysis

 sbatch remap_ini
to remap all necessary fields needed to run Icon.


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