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Accelerated COSMO version

A version of the COSMO model has been developed to run faster on CPUs as well as GPU accelerators. These developments are now available in the official COSMO releases.


In order to get access to the COSMO repository hosted on the C2SM-RCM GitHub organization, please write an e-mail to the administrator of COSMO:


Once you have access, clone the repository the following:

  1. Clone the repository from github using the web protocol: (git clone https://github.com/C2SM-RCM/cosmo-1.git) or the ssh protocol: (git clone git@github.com:C2SM-RCM/cosmo-1). If you don't already have an ssh key set up for Github, but would like to do so, follow the instructions

Compile and run

COSMO is built using Spack. The former way using the build-scripts is no longer supported!

Information on how to run the GPU version of COSMO at CSCS is found in:

Features available on GPU

Not all features available in the COSMO model are available on GPU. This updated table gives an overview about all ported code-parts.

The accelerated version includes the use of the dynamical core rewritten in C++. This dynamical core gives exactly the same results as the Fortran version and can be activated by a simple switch. It runs significantly faster on GPU architectures.



C2SM wiki entries

Standard acknowledgement to be used in COSMO GPU publications (Version 2 April 2019)

We acknowledge the contributions of Federal Office for Meteorology and Climatology ORGANIZATION.ORGMeteoSwiss, Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS), and ETH Zurich to the development of the GPU-accelerated version of COSMO. spacer
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