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COSMO model versions used at C2SM

Status: March 2020

Group Institution COSMO Version(s) Runs on CPU/GPU
Atmospheric Dynamics (H. Wernli) ETH-IAC Versions 4.19; 5.6; COSMO-TAG; COSMO-ISO CPU
Atmospheric Physics (U. Lohmann) ETH-IAC Version 5.2; COSMO-ART; COSMO-ART-M7 CPU
Climate and Water Cycle (C. Schär) ETH-IAC COSMO-crCLIM-v1.0 (POMPA) GPU
Land-Climate Dynamics (S. Seneviratne) ETH-IAC 5.0_2019.1 (POMPA); COSMO-CLM2 GPU
Atmospheric Circulation (S. Schemm) ETH-IAC Version 5.6 GPU
Environmental Physics (N. Gruber) ETH-USYS Version 4.19; COSMO-ROMS CPU
Atmospheric MOdelling/Remote Sensing (D. Brunner) Empa Version 5.6a; COSMO-GHG GPU
APNC (X. Lapillonne, C. Osuna) ORGANIZATION.ORGMeteoSwiss Version 5.6 GPU

Info on model versions:

  • Operational version (status March 2020): Version 5.6
  • COSMO-ART: COSMO coupled to aerosol-chemistry module ART
  • COSMO-crCLIM-v1.0 (POMPA):
  • COSMO-ROMS: COSMO coupled to ROMS regional ocean model
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