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Int2lm is an interpolation program providing boundary and/or initial conditions to the Cosmo model. Int2lm has a similar "coding design" to Cosmo. The same coding rules should apply.


In order to get access to the Int2lm repository hosted on the C2SM-RCM GitHub organization, please write an e-mail to the administrator of Int2lm:


Once you have access, clone the repository the following:

  1. Clone the repository from github using the web protocol: (git clone https://github.com/C2SM-RCM/int2lm.git) or the ssh protocol: (git clone git@github.com:C2SM-RCM/int2lm). If you don't already have an ssh key set up for Github, but would like to do so, follow the instructions

Compile and run

Int2lm is built using Spack. The former way using the build-scripts is no longer supported!


Additional Features for C2SM version

There are features that could not be merged into the COSMO-ORG version before the end of development. Therefore a separate branch c2sm was created to contains these new developments:

Read only subset of coarse netcdf input data

(by Jonas Jucker)
Add new namelist entries for passing start indices of NetCDF input. Doing so mitigates slow down for large input-files via new namelist parameters in namelist &GRID_IN:

  • ie_in_start_io (start index in i-direction)
  • je_in_start_io (start index in k-direction)

The parameters ie_in_tot and je_in_tot define the length of the data to be read, instead of the total lenght present in the NetCDF input file.

Schematic about the two ways for reading NetCDF input files

subset io.jpg


subset_io.jpg (82.32K)
version 1 uploaded by JonasJucker on 25 May 2021 - 13:30
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