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LS3MIP for Sonia Seneviratne
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Questions Data requests (A. Ducharne)

Duplicated variables

we believe the following pairs of names identify the same variable :

  • tws & mrtws
  • wtd & waterDpth
  • mrsol & mrlsl
  • potet & evspsblpot
  • snw & snw_land
  • snm & snm_land
  • tsn & tsn_land

  • we have serious doubts that (vegFrac & cnc) also correspond to the same variable, but need clarifications if cnc is the canopy covered fraction of the entire grid cell or over the land area only

Regarding frozen soil

very redundant variables regarding soil water, between total, liquid and frozen (for both mass and fractions)

depths and thickness variables

  • dfr, dmlr
not fully clear depths and thickness variables: dfr, dmlt (two different depths to 0° isotherm), tpf (permafrost thickness)

  • rootdsl "Root distribution" in kg/m3 => ORCHIDEE has a root density [0,1]

  • dtes ? “(provMIP=LSM3MIP, P1) Change in surface heat storage” or “Change in heat storage over the soil layer and the vegetation for which the energy balance is calculated, accumulated over the sampling time interval” ?? => ambiguity regarding the “soil layer” vs “surface layer”

Do we need so many daily output ?

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