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LS3MIP for Sonia Seneviratne
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LandMIP workshop Toulouse October 2018

Coordination teams of LS3MIP, C4MIP and LUMIP and the European project CRESCENDO have discussed the possibility to organise a (partially overlapping) joint Land MIP workshop on 10-12 Oct 2018 in Toulouse. In that week the CRESCENDO project will have a general assembly at CNRM in Toulouse, and the overlap in research teams in the various MIPs and this project justifies a joint meeting venue. The provisionary week schedule is:

  • Monday 8 - Wednesday morning 10 Oct: CRESCENDO General Assembly
  • Wednesday afternoon 10 Oct: joint plenary meeting with overview talks of C4MIP, LUMIP, LS3MIP and CRESCENDO
  • Thursday 11 Oct: plenary LandMIP meeting (C4MIP, LUMIP, LS3MIP) focusing on progress so far and experimental/analysis ambitions. Tentative agenda:
    • 3 presentations on C4MIP, LUMIP and LS3MIP with more technical info than on the Wednesday plenary
    • list of presentations from participations, reporting progress and experience with the MIP experiments
    • list of presentations/discussions on potential (joint) analyses and plans for publications
  • Friday morning 12 Oct: break out groups either per MIP or per theme (suggestions for themes: offline modelling, scenarios, experimental details, joint analyses)
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