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LS3MIP for Sonia Seneviratne
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Land-Hist with alternative forcing datasets

LMIP simulations with alternative datasets are planned to test the sensitivity of the Land-Hist results (GSWP3) to the meteorological forcing uncertainty. Runs are on the model native grid, for 1901-2014 if possible.

The forcing data for these runs will not be posted on input4MIPS, at least not in due time. Please use the following forcing datasets:

  • CRUNJRA: It was decided to switch from CRUNCEP (initial plan) to CRUJRA, which is now also used in TRENDY. Please use the 2019 version of this dataset (which is the version used in the latest TRENDY exercise (as of 8/2019)). Data are available here.
  • Watch/WFDEI: Here we follow ISIMIP: Please use WATCH for 1901-1978 and WFDEI from 1979 onwards. Data are available @ WATCH & WFDEI.
  • Princeton forcing: Please use version 2.2. Data are available here.
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