Land-Future simulations

These are a set of land-only runs for 2015-2100 using climate anomalies from coupled model CMIP6 runs superimposed on the GSWP3 forcing.

We suggest to use the ssp585 and ssp126 scenarios and CNRM and IPSL scenario anomalies, currently available on the CMIP6 archive.

Test versions of these datasets are currently being developped for these experiments (land-ssp585 and land-ssp126) by HJ Kim and colleagues. In these experiments with anomalies from 2 coupled models already available now, please identify runs with IPSL-CM6 anomalies as "rXiXpXf1" and those with CNRM anomalies as "rXiXpXf2".

The forcing data files will be on the standard GSWP3 grid, to be interpolated by each group to its model grid. Code will be made available for all groups to produce alternative datasets based on scenario output from other models (in particular their own coupled model; suggest that this be systematically identified as rXiXpXf3).

Please note that land-future forcing information is tentative and will be updated with details soon. spacer