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LS3MIP for Sonia Seneviratne
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LS3MIP teleconference on Jan 25, 2019

At this teleconference, the following topics were discussed, with decision taken at and after the teleconference as follows:

  • LMIP reference simulation: Use the most recent version of the GSWP3 dataset if possible, but slightly older versions should make no notable difference (except if they blow your model up...).

  • LMIP simulations with alternative datasets: We will not be able to put all these in due time on input4mips; moreover, it might not even make sense because many groups might already have appropriate versions of these datasets at hand in their favorite format. We will ultimately aim at putting them into input4mips, though, but please don't wait for this to do the runs.
    • CRUNCEP: After some discussions with Nicolas Viovy and Ian Harris, it seems that we might actually go for CRUJRA, which is now also used in TRENDY. I suggest that unless there are any vetos from the group, we use this. ---> ANY VETOS?
    • Watch/WFDEI: It was decided to follow ISIMIP: WATCH (1901-1978) +WFDEI (1979-).
    • Princeton forcing: Please use version 2.2.

  • LFMIP:
    • As discussed ahead of the teleconference, the LFMIP Tier 1 simulations are to be carried out in land-atmosphere configuration. The fully coupled experiments are moved to Tier 2.
    • Several groups still have issues with the snow forcing. LFMIP experiments will therefore be carried out without prescribing snow. This should then also be done in the "perfect boundary condition" experiment LFMIP-Pobs+SST. Experiments with prescribed snow entirely move into ESM-SnowMIP, which will happen after the CMIP6 rush.
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