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LS3MIP for Sonia Seneviratne
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LS3MIP Teleconference On April 29, 2019

Participants: A. Alessandri, C. Ferguson, D. Peano, R. Ellis, F. Catalano, F. Cgéruy, M. Hauser, T. Stacke, W. Mey, Y. Onuma, S. Materia, C. Derksen, S. Seneviratne, H. Kim, G. Krinner

Issues discussed:

  • Land-Hist simulation status: Done by several groups (NCAR), CMORization ongoing. Expecting several model outputs available within a month or so. CMORization not automatic in some groups because output format not the same as in coupled model. This is a problem if Land-Hist is supposed to become a future DECK simulation.

  • GSWP3 dataset description paper to be submitted soon (HJ Kim).

  • Runs with alternative datasets: As discussed last time, these are Princeton v2.2, CRUJRA V1 (replacing CRUNCEP), Watch with switch to WFDEI in 1978.

  • Plans for Land-Future: selected scenarios are ssp585 and ssp126 (land-ssp585 and land-ssp126). HJ Kim will produce these datasets with anomalies from 2 coupled models already available now (IPSL (runs to be identified rXiXpXf1) and CNRM (rXiXpXf2)). These data files will be on the standard GSWP3 grid, to be interpolated by each group to its model grid. Code will be made available for all groups to produce alternative datasets based on scenario output from other models (in particular their own coupled model; suggest that this be systematically identified as rXiXpXf3).

  • Plans for LFMIP:
    • Choice of prescribed SST and no snow forcing confirmed.
    • Both simulations with present-day land conditions (amip-lfmip-pdLC in ES-DOC, LFMIP-pdLC + SST in LS3MIP description paper and here) and 30-yr running mean conditions (amip-lfmip-rmLC in ES-DOC, alias LFMIP-rmLC + SST) are Tier 1; if only one can be run, priority is to be given to the pdLC runs.
    • Both soil humidity nudging and prescription (infinitely strong nudging) are possible, depending on model structure.
    • Note: Although there is « amip » in the ES-Doc name of this simulation, please make sure that you use the SST and SIC of your own coupled model historical and scenario run.
    • Chosen scenarios: A large majority of the participants of the teleconference opted in favour of choosing ssp585 and ssp126, consistent with Land-Future runs. ssp126 runs should be identified as rXiXpXf1, ssp585 as rXiXpXf2. ssp370 (Tier 2) should be rXiXpXf3.
    • Snow forcing runs building on LFMIP will be carried out in ESM-SnowMIP after CMIP6.

  • Analyses: Analysis plans were shortly discussed (see Proposed Analyses). Please indicate your interest in participating in proposed analyses (please contact relevant analysis coordinators) or propose new ones (contact LS3MIP coordinators Sonia, Hyungjun and Gerhard).
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