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LS3MIP for Sonia Seneviratne
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LS3MIP teleconference, Oct 15 2019

Status of simulations

  • CanESM - Land-only runs not possible with the same land module as the one used in the coupled CCCma model. LFMIP runs planned.
  • CNRM - Offline done. LFMIP only AMIP, about half done. Pobs + ssp585 done. In the 30-year running means, the first and last 15 years at the beginning and end for the runs are fixed.
  • NCAR - Land only done. LFMIP done, waiting for upload.
  • CMCC - Land hist simulation on ESGF. CLM4.5. Late because of strange behaviour of pre-industrial run, now solved. LFMIP next weeks, likely finalized by the end of 2019.
  • EC-Earth - Land-hist done with GSWP3 being CMORized. LFMIP Pobs being planned. By end of year. LFMIP by italian groups: pdLC + rmLC. Finalized by early Nov.
  • Hadley - Land-only done. CMOR ongoing. Hadley won’t be CMORizing land-only. Phil Harris takes over LFMIP in weeks, not months.
  • E3SM - land-hist CMORized.
  • MIROC - land-hist finished. Soon to be uploaded. LFMIP running.

Forcing datasets

  • Land-Future: The plan is for each group that participate to run two « common » forcing data sets based on anomalies selected across the MIP, and a forcing dataset using the anomalies from its own CGCM.
    • A beta-version based on CNRM-CM6 ssp585 exists. Before distributing the code, HJ would like people to check dataset + code. Please contact Hyungjun.
    • For land-future, we want two common models. Initially planned IPSL and CNRM. Both have a rather high climate sensitivity. Decision needed: switch to CNRM and … MIROC? (MIROC lower climate sensitivity) Or MPI? Decision to be taken at next telecom, mid-November, along with validated code.
  • Princeton forcing for land-hist alternative forcing runs: Stop in 2012 with V2 (1901-2012). Possibility to continue with version 2.2 for 2013 and 2014 (not « mandatory »).
  • Watch forcing: Follow ISIMIP protocol: Watch until 1978 + WFDEI 1979-.

Analyses planned:

  • Ryan ETH: CNRM, GISS. soil humidity, evaporation, precipitation. Very few fields available currently on the ESGF.
  • Permafrost : Also in iLAMB.
  • Common land-hist paper? Currently effort led by Hyungjun+ possibility to include land-hist in iLAMB (Dave Lawrence). Need to be discussed.
  • In general: There is a link to a google doc on the LS3MIP web page. If interested in participating to an analysis project mentioned, please contact the person who proposed to lead the analysis.

Next teleconference:

  • Doodle poll to be sent out soon for a short telecom around mid-November.
  • Agenda:
    • Land-Future dataset method validation
    • Planned analyses + papers (including rules for coauthorship)
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