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Compile and run ICON TOOLS

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Below is a recipe to run the DWD tools (to create initial and boundary files for an ICON LAM run) on Piz Daint. It is based on Bernhard's cases to create files based on ERA5 data.

Recipe on Piz Daint

1) Get sure that the neither the cdo and echam_env modules are loaded by your ~/.bash_profile (they will conflict with the modules needed for the icon tools). If they are loaded in your ~/.bash_profile, comment the following lines in your ~/.bash_profile:
#module load cdo
#module load echam_env/1.4_intel
log out and log in again.

2) Go on the scratch


3) Clone the GitHub repository from C2SM-ICON organization.

git clone https://github.com/C2SM-ICON/dwd_icon_tools.git [your_local_repository]
git clone git@github.com:C2SM-ICON/dwd_icon_tools.git [your_local_repository]  (uses your ssh-key)

4) Go into your working directory

cd [your_local_repository]

5) Get the environmental variables set

source buildenv/env.daint.sh

6) Compile

cd icontools/
make cray_mpi

7) Go where the rrunning script is

cd ../C2SM-scripts/daint/

8) Change pathes to your original files and grids (in my run, they were in ${SCRATCH}/sim_13k_2017 and ${SCRATCH}/ICONgrid) in the script xce_limarea_ERA5

edit xce_limarea_ERA5

9) Run the interpolating script for boundary data

sbatch xce_limarea_ERA5

10) I get in the folder ${SCRATCH}/sim_13k_2017/boundary/forcing the boundary data. spacer

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