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ICON lunch October 17, 2017


Bernhard Enz; Colombe Siegenthaler; Doris Folini; Guy de Morsier; Katherine Osterried; Philippe Marti; Sylvaine Ferrachat; William Sawyer; Xavier Lapillonne

Summary of the discussions:

* Before lunch, Will showed how to build and compile one specific tag of ICON on Piz Daint (CSCS) (tag 2.3.00) He has an ICON-CSCS branch in the official Git ICON repository. This branch is regularly pushed back into the master. By this way, he pushes the configuration settings for Piz Daint in the official ICON master. He will see if he could do so for the configuration parameters for running ICON on KESH.

Please consult the following page for more infos about the tutorial given by Will : Build, Compile and run ICON prior to icon-

* We spoke about buildbot, the testing automation server used by MPI-Met (similar to Jenkins). Will is using it and the tests on Piz Daint are integrated in the standard test runned by MPI-Met. MCH-C2SM has more experience with Jenkins. There are still questions about what is builbot able to do (for example, can you run the tests from your personal branch with only one click?). Will will clarify this point.

The tests run by builbot page for ICON can be seen here (access restricted, for access, ask Reinhard.) :


* We initiated the discussion about the way C2SM? will hosting of ICON code : it will be in Github, similar to what we offer for COSMO. The remaining question is : should the workflow be the same as with COSMO? is there things that should be improved, now that we have experience? In general, MCH seems happy about Github and the COSMO hosting. People will think about it and/or talk to others.

Next meeting:

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