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How to handle ICON files

Per default, the output files produced by ICON are on the native unstructured (triangular) grid.

To explore the ICON output files, you have 3 possibilities:

  • ICON has an internal horizontal interpolation scheme.
ICON can write output files in directly on a normal regular Gaussian grid. You can define the grid on which the output is written in the namelists "output_nml", for each stream, with the variable "remap".

There is some explanations for model outputting in Section 7.1 (7.1.1 for output on regular grid) of the DWD tutorial 2109 (which you can find in the technical section).

For an example of the definition of output streams, please look in the atm_amip run script (run/exp.atm_amip[.run]), all the output streams are defined separately in the section "# Define output files".

CIS can handle structured and unstructured (eg ICON) grids and compare model output with observations. Duncan Watson-Parris wrote a jupyter notebook to illustrate how to use CIS in python with ICON files (Section "Unstructured grid plotting"). It can be found here : https://github.com/C2SM-ICON/ICON_plotting_tool

  • CDO understands the ICON unstructured grid.
You can transform your file from the unstructured grid into a file on a regular grid (eg T63grid) using cdo:

cdo remapcon,t63grid icon_output_native_grid.nc icon_output_t63.nc spacer

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