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Datasets provided by C2SM?
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C2SM provides a number of datasets (see below). In addition, the Forest Ecology group has put together information about commonly used datasets and how to use them here.

Datasets provided by C2SM

We provide different climate datasets such as CMIP5, CMIP6 or CORDEX, as downloaded from the original sources, as well as processed datasets such as the so-called CMIP6-NextGeneration (CMIP6-ng) archive. If you need access to other climate datasets contact us at request@c2sm.ethz.ch and we will try to help.

The table below shows an overview over the datasets we already provide.

Climate Model Data

Archive Size (#Files) (3) Location Access Status Variables Resolution
"Raw" CMIP Archives (as downloaded from ESGF)
CMIP2 0.01 TB (500) IAC direct / rsync frozen (2010-10)   native (1)
CMIP3 6 TB (40000) IAC direct / rsync frozen (2016-12)   native
CMIP5 130 TB (700000) IAC direct / rsync monthly updated   native
CMIP6 510 TB (5000000) IAC, Euler (4) direct / rsync weekly updated   native
CMIP next generation (checked, standardized, regridded to common grid)
CMIP3-ng (2) 0.5 TB (5000) IAC direct / rsync frozen (2019-03)   native and 2.5x2.5
CMIP5-ng (2) 33 TB (100000) IAC direct / rsync frozen (2019-09)   native and 2.5x2.5
CMIP6-ng (2) 95 TB (400000) IAC, Euler (4) direct / rsync ongoing monthly: co2mass, hfls, mrro, npp, rlds, rsdscs, rtmt, tasmin, tsl, evspsbl, hfss, mrros, pr, rldscs, rsdt, sftlf, tauu, zg500, evspsblsoi, hurs, mrso prw, rlus, rsus, siconc, tauv, evspsblveg, huss, mrsol, psl, rlut, rsuscs, ta, tos, areacella, gpp, lai, mrsos, ra, rlutcs, rsut, tas, tran, clt, hfds, nbp, rh, rsds, rsutcs, tasmax, treeFrac native and 2.5x2.5
daily: pr, tas, tasmin, tasmax, zg500 native and 2.5x2.5
"Raw" CORDEX (as downloaded)
CORDEX 370 TB (800000) IAC, Euler (4), CSCS (5) direct / rsync weekly updated   0.44 and 0.11
CORDEX-ReKliEs 23 TB (100000) IAC, Euler (4) direct weekly updated   0.11
CORDEX data for climate scenarios (checked, regridded to identical grids if necessary)
CORDEX.ch2018 11 TB (1800) IAC, CSCS (5) direct frozen (2019-04) daily: hurs, huss, pr, rsds, sfcWind, sfcWindmax, snw, tas, tasmax, tasmin 0.44 and 0.11
CORDEX.ch202X 46 TB (3500) IAC direct ongoing daily: pr, tas, tasmax, tasmin, zg500 0.44 and 0.11

(1) native means every model on their native grid they were run on

(2) CMIP-ng: Next Generation archives were maintained by Reto's group (Jan Sedlacek/Lukas Brunner)
Ruth Lorenz / C2SM took over cmip6-ng in 2022. contact: cmip6-archive@env.ethz.ch, documentation: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.3734128

(3) Stand June 2021

(4) cd /nfs/atmos/c2sm

(5) cd /store/c2sm/c2sme

Observational and Reanalysis Data

Archive Size (#Files) (6) Location Access Status time period Variables Temporal Resolution Spatial Resolution more information
"Raw" Archives (as downloaded from original source)
E-OBS 660G IAC direct different versions, updated irregularly 1950 - present TG: mean temperature, TN: minimum temperature, TX: maximum temperature, RR: precipitation sum, PP: mean sea level pressure, FG: mean wind speed, HU: mean relative humidity, QQ: global radiation daily 0.1 and 0.25 https://www.ecad.eu/download/ensembles/download.php https://cds.climate.copernicus.eu/cdsapp#!/dataset/insitu-gridded-observations-europe?tab=overview
MERRA2 15T IAC direct updated 1980 - present many, temperature, precipitation, radiation, sea level pressure etc. hourly, sst monthly 0.5 lat x 0.625 lon (~50km) https://gmao.gsfc.nasa.gov/reanalysis/MERRA-2/ https://climatedataguide.ucar.edu/climate-data/nasas-merra2-reanalysis
ERA5                 so far C2SM does not provide ERA-5 data, but there is a list of who has what here
Processed Archives (e.g. aggregated or regridded)
E-OBS and MCH 50G IAC (7) direct static 1971-2020 tas, tasmax, tasmin, pr daily 0.11 E-OBS (v23.1e) data with higher resolution MCH data over Switzerland (prepared for CH202X)
MERRA2   IAC (8) direct updated 1980-2015 (v0)
1980-2018 (v1)
tas, tasmax, tasmin, huss, psl, pr, hfss, hfls, rlus, rlds, rsds, rsus, tos daily, monthly 2.5 lat x 2.5 lon (same as cmip6-ng) files are consistent with cmip-ng archives, no time period is indicated in filenames

(6) May 2022
(7) /net/co2/c2sm-data/ch202X/Obs_Data/EOBS/0.1deg_reg_v23.1e/processed/
(8) /net/co2/c2sm-data/rlorenz/MERRA2/

If you need more information or help with the usage of these datasets (or others), contact ruth.lorenz@c2sm.ethz.ch
If you need additional data in the raw archives, contact urs.beyerle@env.ethz.ch
If you need additional processed data, contact request@c2sm.ethz.ch
If you find errors and other issues in the processed datasets contact ruth.lorenz@c2sm.ethz.ch

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