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This page containins news announcements concerning the NCL installation on the CSCS machines as well as the COSMO Library.

26.6.2010: NCL 5.2.1

Release of NCL 5.2.1. See what's new in the current release for more information. Highlight are updates to the grib1/grib2 reader, a common bug in the contour algorithm has been fixed, and several new graphics resources for finer control of bar charts.

17.6.2009: NCL 5.1.1

Installation of newest release of NCL (5.1.1). All of your scripts should be backwards compatible and the COSMOlib has been tested to run without problems. The most important changes in brief are...

  • Reordering of field dimensions is now only necessary in very exotic cases and can generally be avoided for computations. A new set of functions names dim_XXX_n allow for computations along a specified field dimension where XXX can be anything of avg, cumsum, median, min, max, ...
  • New string functions named str_XXX. (Note that the function changeCase is deprecated!)
  • (Beta-)support of shapefiles (ESRI). Shapefiles coming from a GIS can be read and plotted directly into NCL.

More details as always on the NCL release page.

5.3.2009: NCL 5.1.0

A new version of NCL has been installed. This version includes several new features and bugfixes. For a full description of the new features and functionality please refer to release notes. The annoying warning messages when using the COSMO library were due to an error in 5.0.0 and are now removed. Output from the COSMO library is now much more readable and informative. Please check wether some of your standard scripts still work correctly. If you experience any problems, report them as soon as possible.

5.2.2009: COSMO Library v0.5 and more...

  • The COSMO Library 0.5 with several bugfixes has been released.
  • The installation instructions have changed slightly and users already using NCL need to change their setup as described on VisNCLInstallation.
  • The COSMO Library can now handle color tables as described on VisNCLCosmoLibraryColorTables. Please contribute your own color tables to the list.
  • Also, several new FAQ entries and the documentation of jmb_map and jmb_contour has been added.
  • A cool COSMO-7/2 composite movie showing off the capabilities of NCL has been added on the examples page. Sadly the animated GIF only works on Firefox browsers.

-- OliverFuhrer - 05 Feb 2009 spacer

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