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This page contains documentation concerning NCL in general. It mostly links to parts of the offical NCL homepage that are more relevant and gives a new user a good idea of where to start.

  • NCL General For questions concerning NCL in general, take a look at the NCL Documentation center. Subscribe and contribute to the NCL Email lists and search their archives for questions already asked some time ago. Usually questions are answered VERY quickly.

  • Daily Work For questions arising while you are writing a NCL script, the NCL Resources page as well as the NCL Function List are probably the most popular places. If you have a specific problem to solve be sure to check out the NCL Applications page in order to find an example script for you problem.

  • COSMO Library For anything concerning the COSMO library specifically, refer to the COSMO Library pages and the corresponding FAQ. Problems can be reported on the Project page or directly to Oliver Fuhrer.

  • NCL Data Formats The details of the NCL interfaces to specific data formats (HDF, grib1, grib2, NetCDF?, etc.) take a look at the NCL Data Format pages.

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