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How to start using the "COSMO" SVN at CSCS

Please follow this procedure step by step before using the COSMO SVN for the first time.

1. Specify your favorite editor (vi, emacs, xedit, vim, ...). Add one of the two following lines according to your shell type in your configuration file ~/.bashrc or ~/.cshrc.

      export SVN_EDITOR=emacs if you have a bash shell  

      setenv SVN_EDITOR emacs if you have a C (or tc) shell.
2. Specify the path of the COSMO SVN in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.cshrc.
      export svnroot=https://cosmo.cscs.ch if you have a bash shell  

      setenv svnroot https://cosmo.cscs.ch if you have a C (or tc) shell.

3. Create a local directory on an appropriate location on your home to check-out some code versions and do your own developments.
      mkdir -p ~/svn/int2lm

      mkdir  ~/svn/cosmo if you will mainly use COSMO (NWP) versions

      mkdir  ~/svn/cclm if you will mainly use COSMO-CLM (RCM) versions 
4. Create a subdirectory in the SVN branch and branch_tags to check-in your own code developments and freeze them.
      svn mkdir https://cosmo.cscs.ch/cosmo/branch/iac/my_project or  svn mkdir https://cosmo.cscs.ch/cosmo/branch/iac/my_name

      svn mkdir https://cosmo.cscs.ch/cosmo/branch_tags/iac/my_project or  svn mkdir https://cosmo.cscs.ch/cosmo/branch_tags/iac/my_name
Remark: Of course, if you are located at EMPA or at COSMO.MeteoSwiss, don't create a branch in this subdirectory. In this case, create it in the subdir "empa" or "mch" resp.

5. Specify the path of your branch in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.cshrc.

      export svnmy=${svnroot}/cosmo/branch/iac/my_project (or /my_name) if you have a bash shell  

      setenv svnmy ${svnroot}/cosmo/branch/iac/my_project (or /my_name) if you have a C (or tc) shell.

Remark: Of course, adapt this line according to the location and name you choosed under point 4.

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