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Subversion: Frequently asked questions and answers

Q: The tkdiff file command can't deal with the newest version of Subversion. It claims that " file is not part of a revision control system"

A: The TkDiff? versions currently installed at CSCS do not work with Subversion version 1.7 and above. Use the following command instead:

svn diff --diff-cmd tkdiff file

Q: How do I activate keyword substitution?

A: To activate the substitution of the keywords "Revision" and "Id" (others available are "Date", "Author", "HeadURL"), run the following command:

svn propset svn:keywords "Revision Id" file

Q: Subversion imports my bash script (or some other file) as binary although it is really a text file. As a consequence, I cannot make any diffs. How can I change this?

A: Subversion is set up to automatically set the mime type if it (thinks it) recognizes a file type. If a mime-type property is set and does not start with "text/", Subersion assumes the file to be binary and refuses line-based diffs. Therefore the solution is to remove the property with the command:

svn propdel svn:mime-type file

Q: How can I undo a commit?

A: There is no undo command. The simplest way to "undo" a commit is to reverse-merge the change and to commit the result. Let's assume you want to undo the commit that produced revision 303. To apply the change reversely, use the revision number with a minus sign in the -c option:

svn merge -c -303 repository-path

Check the result with svn status, svn diff as needed, then commit the result:

svn commit -m "Undoing change committed in r303."

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