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SVN: Some basic commands

  • How to create a directory in the repository?:

svn mkdir https://cosmo.cscs.ch/cosmo/branches/iac/projectA : create the directory projectA.

  • How to rename a directory in the repository?:

svn move https://cosmo.cscs.ch/cosmo/branches/iac/projectA https://cosmo.cscs.ch/cosmo/branches/iac/projectB : rename projectA to projectB

  • How to remove a directory in the repository?

svn delete https://cosmo.cscs.ch/cosmo/branches/iac/projectB : remove the directory projectB. Do that only if you (and your project partners!) REALLY DON'T NEED it anymore.

  • How to see the history of the whole repository? And the history of the directory projectB?

svn log https://cosmo.cscs.ch/ : history of the whole repository.

svn log https://cosmo.cscs.ch/cosmo/branches/iac/projectB : history of the directory projectB. spacer

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