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Python Visualization Workshop - Brainstorming

Version 1

  • Date: 15. & 16. 01.2018
  • generally: IPythonNotebooks
  • prepare package with utility functions?
  • Draft Announcement

Potential Schedule

  • Day 1, morning - introduction
    • introduction: importance of good figures, teaser (what we'll learn)
    • short introduction of numpy, pandas, netCDF4 (why do we use these tools?)
    • overview of plotting libraries/ introduction to matplotlib, nomenclature: the different parts of a plot (labels, axis vs axes, legend...)
    • ex: a first plot (time series)
    • ex: manipulating plots (labels, axis vs axes, legend, subplots...)
    • other plots: histogram, boxplot, taylor-diagram, ...
    • manipulating those is just the same as a time series plot
  • Day 1, afternoon - publication-ready plots
    • "my workflow" where are the difficulties
    • color schemes (colorbrewer, colorblindness)
    • styles
    • seaborn
    • using LaTeX to render text (whithin pyplot or with PSfrag?)
  • Day 2, morning - maps
    • map projections - which is good for what (Tarun)
    • cartopy (basemap? I am not a fan of basemap...)
    • pcolormesh (projection vs. transformation, cells vs. midpoints (missing row & column), masked array vs. nan values, colormaps, colorbar, labels and lat- lon- grids, coastlines (and their resolution), natural_earth data (e.g. countries), cropping the map (ax.set_extent), rasterized=True to reduce figsize)
    • contour and countourf
    • hatching (real hatching or points? -> which matplotlib version do we use? hatching is screwed in mpl < 2.0)
    • trajectories? do we make use of dypy? I'd rather not, but let's see
    • how to plot actual point data? chloropleths?
    • multiple subplots - not ideal
  • Day 2, afternoon - bring your own data
    • ...


Open questions

Setup co2:/c2sm/courses/pyvis

  • change group permission and add sticky bit
    chmod -R g+s pyvis

  • set up cronjob to set permission: on co2 /etc/cron.d/fix_perm_c2sm-courses.cron
    # Fix Permissions of /c2sm/cources/pyvis
    */10 * * * * root /usr/bin/find /c2sm/courses/pyvis -exec /usr/bin/chmod -v g+w {} \; | grep -v "retained as"
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