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What is ParaView?

ParaView is a powerful open-source software for visualization of scientific data. Some of the salient features of ParaView are as follows:

  • It is based on the VTK (Visualization Tool Kit) library which consists of a vast collection of algorithms to create complex and sophisticated visualizations

  • It is a parallel application and therefore can be used to process large amount of data

  • It can be used interactively or via Python scripting

  • It supports a client-server mode: server can run on multiple cores on a computing cluster or a supercomputer and can be connected to a client installed on user's desktop/laptop machine. This allows the user to remotely but still interactively process and visualize large datasets. (A wiki article describing such a setup is coming soon....In the mean time, if you are interested in using this feature get in touch with me (tarun.chadha@id.ethz.ch)).

  • It has a broad user community and is available on IAC machines, the Euler cluster and on Piz Daint at CSCS

  • It supports in-situ (on the fly) visualizations

  • List goes on and on........

Getting Started

Launching ParaView

In order to launch the ParaView GUI on IAC Linux machines open a Terminal and type the following commands:

  • module load paraview
  • paraview
This will load and launch the default version of ParaView (version - 4.2.0). In order to load another version of ParaView, load the corresponding module (e.g. module load paraview/5.0.1). spacer
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