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Why manage data?

As a climate scientist, you might ask "Why should I manage data? All I want is to do climate research, publish papers or get my PhD".

Of course, you should not manage data for its own sake, but with good cause. If your research involves at least some minimal amount of data, there are great benefits of data management:

  • Efficiency: Data management can improve the efficiency of your research. Planning ahead means avoiding data processing traps, data loss, repetition of procedures. in the end, there is more time to do research.

  • Time saving: in addition to the efficiency gains, some parts of data management can be outsources. Data repositories for instance support you in publishing research results.

  • Visibility: Well managed data is easily publishable. Disseminating your data to other researchers can increase the use of your data and research results, and increase the number of citations.

  • Continuity: Well documented and published data will be available in the long-term. This is crucial in an environment with high employee turnover.

  • Structure: Data management can help structure your projects, serve as guideline on what do do when, e.g., with the help of the checklist.
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