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Data Management Checklist.

Planning tool for the data-related aspects of research projects.

Recommended use: Go through the list rather quickly before the project start. Work through it more thoroughly as the project advances.

  1. Preparatory work
    • Are there any external data-related requirements (e.g., from the project proposal)?
    • What is the state-of the art data management (tools, formats etc) in the project, in the research group?
  2. Data production
    • What type of data will be produced? Will it be easily reproducible?
    • How much data will it be? How often will it change?
  3. Data storage
    • How long should it be retained? 3 years, permanently?
    • Backup strategy?
    • What file format(s)?
    • What directory and file naming convention will be used?
  4. Data documentation
    • How will the data be documented?
    • Free documentation or following a convention?
  5. Data publication?
    • Will the data be published as a data set (vs. used in publications only)?
    • Where to publish (eventually with synergies for data storage and documentation)?
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