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Announcement: C2SM workshop “Scientific Visualisation in Python”


Hello everybody!

We are announcing a 2-day workshop "Scientific Visualisation in Python":

15. & 16 January, 2015
ETH Zurich, ROOM
via email to mathias?, until DATE
The number of participants is limited to # on a first come, first serve basis.
Send in some data/ ideas for a plot (two weeks before the course). We will pick some interesting examples and develop a figure.

Please find the details on the webpage: webpage

Please forward this announcement to potentially interested members of your workgroup.

Kind regards, Tarun Chadha & Mathias Hauser


  • Insert some plots

C2SM, with support from the Land-Climate Dynamics Group at the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science, will hold a two day workshop to introduce interested researchers to visualisation in the Python programming language.

Target audience: PhD? students, post-docs and staff from C2SM-associated research groups. Participants should have basic programming experience in any language. We encourage participants to become familiar with basic Python prior to the workshop. An interactive web-based tutorial can be found here: http://www.learnpython.org

Content: The workshop will consist of alternating short presentations and subsequent hands-on exercises. The exercises focus on examples from atmospheric- and climate science, but participants from other fields should profit nonetheless. The preliminary programm is as follows:

  • Day 1, morning - introduction to matplotlib
    • basic plotting: line plots, scatter plots, bar plots, ...
    • simple modification of plots: labels, annotations, legend, fontsize, ...
  • Day 1, afternoon - how to polish your plots for publication
    • what makes a good plot (or a bad plot)?
    • leaving the default behind (styles)
    • advanced techniques, seaborn
  • Day 2, morning - 2D plots and maps
    • contour plots, mesh plots
    • color schemes
    • introduction to the plotting of georeferenced data with cartopy
  • Day 2, afternoon - your examples
    • Send in some data/ ideas for a plot (two weeks before the course). We will pick some interesting examples and develop a figure.

Application To apply please send an email containing your affiliation and a short note indicating your field of research and your level of previous exposure to Python to mathias? not later than date. Feel free to direct any open questions to the same address. spacer

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