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RCM Tasks Matthieu Leclair

Monthly status update information on RCM planned tasks

as planned, delayed, technical problems, other problems

EP : Environmental Physics, Nicolas Gruber
HyMet : Climate and Water Cycle, Christoph Schär
LandCLim : Land-Climate Dynamics, Sonia Seneviratne


Task Estimated duration (months) Group(s) Short description Started Status after 1 month Status after 2 months
Momentum coupling ~2 EP, LandClim update (resp. start writing) the momentum coupling algorithm from the land (resp. ocean) to the atmosphere not yet n/a n/a
Update coupled COSMOs ~1.5 EP, LandClim move both groups to cosmo-org not yet n/a n/a
Standardize OASIS coupling interface ~1.5 EP, LandClim Port the so-called "unified oasis interface" to cosmo-org => maintain only one coupled cosmo version for all couplings

same work planed in Offenbach starting in June but probably without gpu porting => pair up with them
not yet n/a n/a
Regular support ~1          

Regular support provided:

Short description problem Group(s) Duration (days) Status
MPI segfault when running cosmo-pompa with PGI LandClim ? ongoing
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