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COSMO model on the 1km scale

C1 is a collaborative effort between ARPA-SIMC in Bologna, MeteoSwiss and ARPA Piemonte in Torino to consolidate the COSMO model for the 1km scale. This project started in Summer 2011 and is currently planned to contribute to the COSMO Priority Project CORSO for the Olympic games in Sochi early 2014. Its goal is to prepare the COSMO model for this high resolution. The contentt of these C1 COSMO pages can be modified by everybody and serve the purpose of easily exchanging information and documents.

*Note: information posted here is world-readable and -writeable.
In case you want to ask for more information or join the project join me so that we can setup permissions accordingly.*

Here is the ProjC1Group Page of the COSMO-1 Project

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