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Extpar is an official COSMO Consortium software that generates external parameter fields used as input for the COSMO and ICON models.

In order to run Extpar on Piz Daint at CSCS, use the following steps:

  1. Clone the repository from github using the web protocol: (git clone https://github.com/C2SM-RCM/extpar.git) or the ssh protocol: (git clone git@github.com:C2SM-RCM/extpar). If you don't have access to this repository, send an access request by email to katherine.osterried@env.ethz.ch. If you don't already have an ssh key set up for Github, but would like to do so, follow the instructions here.
  2. Compile the code following the instructions in the doc/README.compile_run. Several executables will be generated in the /bin folder. It doesn't matter where you compile, but the executables should be copied to the /scratch file system for running.
  3. The Extpar raw data files are stored in the /store file system with some of the MeteoSwiss operationally necessary files. If you do not already have access to the s83c group at CSCS, then you need to email katherine.osterried@env.ethz.ch to ask permission.
  4. Adapt a run script in the run_scripts folder to your needs. If you need the S_ORO parameter, make sure to adapt the run_script/extpar_eth_12km.globe.sh script. Make sure to change the following variables:
  • progdir (the path to the extpar executables on the /scratch file system)
  • sandboxdir (where on scratch do you want to run the code)
  • netcdf_output_filename
  • Adapt the values in the INPUT_COSMO_GRID file to your needed cosmo grid.

Run the adapted run script- for example using: ./extpar_eth_12km.globe.sh

NOTE: Support for GRIB output is being phased out of Extpar. Because of this, you may see the following error during the running of Extpar:

GRIB_API ERROR : IO ERROR: Bad address: (null) (Bad address)

GRIB_API ERROR : grib_open_file: () Input output problem

If you do, you can just ignore it. It should still generate NetCDF output correctly. spacer

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