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Computing environment

The computing environments (CSCS, Euler, ...) used by the C2SM members can be documented here. It is the right place to exchange info and "tricks" in order to use the machine more efficiently and to avoid technical problems.

HPC? Supercomputer?

No idea about what a supercomputer is?

You can have a look at Wikipedia

Or you can find a brief and very simple description of what HPC is in High Performance Computing for Dummies (! a bit commercial-oriented).


Some documentation about the computing environment at CSCS and how to deal with it can be found here.

CSCS courses

CSCS courses are great opportunities to learn more about the machines, a programing language, etc. Some past courses/lectures can be viewed under http://www.multimedia.ethz.ch/speakers/cscs.

Machines description

A short description of the CSCS machines can be found under: http://user.cscs.ch/computing_systems/index.html


Store your temporary data on the /scratch (! cleaning policies). Store your data needing long term storage on the /store (for the data that are not used on a daily basis) and /project (for the data that are used more frequently). Please only store what you will really need and reuse in the future.


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